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Expressions of greeting, introducing, and parting

Dialogue 1
Rahmah: Hi, are you a new student here?

Rifdah: Yes, I am …

Rahmah: I’m Rahmah. I live at 10 Jl. Alauddin

Rifdah: Nice to meet you.

Rahmah: Nice to meet you, too.
* Meeting people for the first time (shake hand first; say nice to meet you)

Dialogue 2
Mirna: Hi, Toni, nice to meet you again after long holiday.

Toni: Hello. Mirna, nice to meet you too.

Mirna: Anyway, where did you go on the last holiday?

Toni: Well. I went to Bali. It's a wonderful place with beautiful beaches and sceneries.

Mirna: Wow. It sounds great. What did you do there?

Toni: My family and I spent four nights there in a bungalow in Kuta beach. I had a great vacation there. I swam and surfed on the beach. I also played football and sand with my brother.

Mirna: What else did you do there?

Toni: The next morning I visited another small island around Bali on a boat. It was a great experience to see many beautiful places and have a talk with tourists there.

Mirna: What did you do before you left Bali?

Toni: On the last day, I went to the merchandise shops and bought some stuffs there. I bought shirts, shorts, and also traditional clothes. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy a surfing board because it was too expensive.

Mirna: Well, it's nice to hear your story. I hope that I can also visit Bali someday

Dialogue 3
Mr Bean: Good morning, Mrs Breuer.

Mrs Breuer: Good morning, Mr Bean. How are you?

Mr Bean: I'm fine thanks, and you?

Mrs Breuer: Not too bad. Mr Bean, this is my husband Michael, Michael this is Mr Bean my English teacher.

Mr Breuer: Pleased to meet you.

Mr Bean: Pleased to meet you too. Are you from Germany, Mr Breuer?

Mr Breuer: Yes, East Germany, from Dresden. And you, are you from London?

Mr Bean: No, I'm from Derby, but I live in London now.

Mrs Breuer: Well, goodbye Mr Bean, it was nice to see you.

Mr Bean: Yes, goodbye.

Formal Greetings
Informal Greeting
How do you do?
Hi, Sam!
How do you do?
Hi, Jack.
Good morning.
Morning, Sam!
Good morning (to you).
Morning, Jack!
Good afternoon.
What’s up?
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
How is it going?
Good evening.
Good morning, sir.
How’s life?
Good night.
Not bad.
Good day Sir / Madam.
Good day Sir / Madam.
Hello Sam, how are you?
How are you doing?
Hello Jack, fine / well, thank you, and you?
I’m good/okay/alright.
*Good day is used in Australia. ‘God day Sir / Madam’ is very formal



Bye-bye; bye; bye now; see you; take care.

See you (later/soon).
See you.

Good night.
Good night.

Introducing Yourself
Introducing Someone.
First let me introduce myself/allow me to introduce myself.
Let me introduce you to ... /
Allow me to introduce....
Hello, My name’s …. / I’m ….
This is Peter, my friend.
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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