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Contoh Advertisement + Jawaban : Company Accountant

Soal UN SMA/MA 2007

Expanding wholesaler of stationary and office equipment requires a responsible accountant for director to run smoothly the company finance with good salary and good working condition for good applicant.
Apply with curriculum vitae to

Mrs. Barton
Office Equipment World and Efficiency Works
PO Box 36 Whistle Woods UK

1. In which section would you likely read the ad?
A.    Company for sale
B.     Office equipment
C.     Job vacancy
D.    Entertainment Guide
E.     Stationary and office

2. What position is offered in the ads?
A.    Salesman
B.     Wholesaler
C.     Accountant
D.    Office staff
E.     Director assistant

3. Apply with curriculum vitae to Mrs. Barton
    What information should the applicant include in it?
A.    Experience in managing a accompany
B.     A statement of salary wanted
C.     A prove of knowing about stationary
D.    A statement of responsibility
E.     A statement of education and work experience

Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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