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Contoh Advertisement + jawaban

Soal UN SMA/MA 2007

This new and unusual building in the down-town business district offers unique opportunities for small to midsized tenants to occupy an entire floor.

From 1,600 to 6,000 square feet are available for immediate occupancy.

Commuting is easy, with the nearest subway stop only one block away. Convenient to shops, restaurants, hotels, and business services.
For leasing call

1. What is the advertisement about?
  1. Leasing office space
  2. Buildings in business district
  3. Conveniences offered by the company
  4. Availability to get unique opportunities
  5. Hotels and restaurants in the down-town

2. Which of the following is not close to the building?
  1. Parks
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants]
  4. Shopping centres
  5. Business services

3. “For leasing call 303-572-5947”
    The underlines word means…..
            A.      Purchasing
            B.      Building
            C.      Selling
            D.      Buying
            E.       Renting
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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