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Decriptive Text + Jawaban: Professions in business

Have you ever seen how some people run a business office? There are some professions that have very important roles in business activities. These professions are related to each other in an organization. The professions discussed here are banker, accountant, and secretary.

A banker is person who conducts banking. He may be the owner of a bank or he can be the member of the board of directors who operated the bank. Bankers give loans to business offices, firms, factories, to operate or expand their business.

An accountant is a person who has charge of the accounts of a company. He is the one who records, keeps financial accounts and makes financial statements. He plays an important role to make the firms remain in good financial condition.

A secretary is someone who keeps records, handles correspondence, or does the administration for an organization or person. The assistant or private secretary of an executive always deals with the business letter writing of that person. The secretary is, therefore, concerned with any business that the firm undertakes. The secretary must be qualified and able to speak English, fluently. There are certain types of duties that a secretary is responsible of such as making appointments, receiving orders, making reservations for the manager, sending letters of congratulations or condolence, sending invitations etc. She also makes an agenda for the manager. An office usually has more than one secretary who are always busy doing their duties.

1. What is the topic of the second paragraph?
A. How a banker gives credits
B. The financial system of a bank
C. The job description of a banker 
D. A banking business as a company
E. The board of directors

2. An accountant who works unprofessionally will …
A. bring big profit for the company
B. improve the book keeping 6f the business
C. harm the financial management of the firm
D. help the manager plan his expenditure
E. complete his work properly

3. The main idea of the fourth paragraph is ...
A. the office can hire two secretaries 
B. a secretary should prepare the manager's agenda
C. the manager should help the secretary complete her job
D. English is not so important for a private secretary
E. a secretary often makes appointments with the manager

4. Which of the following statements is not true?
A. A manager should follow whatever his secretary says 
B. An accountant must deal with the finance of the firm
C. Most banks deal with receipt and transmission of money
D. A professional banker is needed to run money business
E. A good secretary should master English

5. He plays an important role to make the firms remain in good financial condition, (paragraph 3). The underlined word means ...
A. administrative details of a firm
B. any credits taken from banks
C. loan procedures in a bank
D. line of jobs in an office
E. monetary position 

6. The secretary is, therefore, .concerned with any business that the firm undertakes .(paragraph 4). The synonym of the underlined word is ...
A. inspects
B. observes
C. performs
D. holds 
E. tries

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Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
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