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Procedure Text+Jawaban How to Make Ice Tea

How to Make Ice Tea

If you want to make ice tea, first prepare a half glass of tea, one or two spoonful sugar and ice. Next step is put the sugar into the glass of tea, stir it well. After that, add some pieces of ice into the glass and stir it again and the ice is ready to serve.

1. If we want to make ice tea we need to prepare…..
a. ice, sugar, coffee, glass
b. ice, tea, chocolate, water
c. tea, water, sugar, ice 
d. ice, salt, sugar, tea
e. sugar, tea, coffee

2. After putting the sugar into the glass, ….. it for about two minutes.
a. make
b. add
c. stir 
d. serve
e. prepare

3. ….. the ice into the glass and shake it well!
a. drop 
b. put 
c. send
d. buy
e. sell

Kurang yakin dengan pilihan jawaban no.3. Drop dan Put bisa saja jawaban benar.

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