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Procedure Text+Jawaban How to Make Meat Floss Porridge

Read the text and answer questions 1 to 3

Meat Floss Porridge


  • 250 cc hot water
  • 50 gram instant porridge
  • 1 spoon soy sauce
  • 1 spoon chili sauce
  • crackers
  • 10 gram meat floss

Suggested Preparation

  1. Put instant porridge into a bowl.
  2. Pour 250 cc hot water, stir well.
    Leave it for about 3 minutes until porridge thickened.
  3. Add soy sauce and chili sauce (as much as you like).
  4. Then, spread crackers and meat floss.
    The porridge is ready to be served.

1. How much instant porridge do you need to make the meat floss porridge?
A. 250 cc.
B. 50 gram.
C. 1 spoon.
D. 10 gram.
Pembahasan: Lihat ingredients (bahan), terdapat keterangan: 50 gram instant porridge.
Jawab: B.

2. What should we do after stirring the porridge?
A. Put the instant porridge into a bowl.
B. Add soya sauce and chili sauce.
C. Add crackers and meat floss.
D. Wait for about 3 minutes.
Pembahasan: Perhatikan langkah-langkah pada  suggested preparation, no. 2. Maka
setelah mengaduk (stirring), yaitu “leave it for about 3 minutes…”  (tinggalkan/biarkan
selama sekitar 3 menit…)
Jawab: D.

3. “… until the porridge thickened”.
What is the meaning of the underlined word?
A. To become solid.
B. To get weak.
C. To raise the volume.
D. To become powder.
Pembahasan: “thickened”  (menebal), maka kata tersebut berarti “to become solid”
(menjadi padat).
Jawab: A

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