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Example of Narrative Text (A Clever Prisoner) + Questions

Narrative Text
A Clever Prisoner

A potato farmer was sent to prison just at the time when he should have dug the ground for planting potatoes. He knew that his wife was not strong enough to do the digging, although she could manage to do the planting. He also knew that none of his friends or neighbours would be willing to do the digging for him. So he wrote a letter to his wife saying, “Please do not dig the potato field. I hid the money and the gun there.”

Ten days later, he got a letter from his wife saying, “I think somebody must have read your letter before it left the prison. Some policemen came two days ago and dug up the entire potato field. What should I do now?” The prisoner wrote back at once, “Plant the potatoes, of course.”

Vocabulary List
-  prisoner  =  napi, tahanan
-  prison  =  penjara
-  planting   =  menanam
-  manage  = mengurus
-  willing   =  sudi, mau
-  hid   =  menyembunyikan

A.  Circle T if the statement is True and F if it is False.
______1.  There was some money and a gun hidden in the potato field.
______2.  The potato farmer‟s friends and neighbours were willing to help planting potatoes.
______3.  The farmer wrote a letter to his wife.
______4.  Some friends and neighbours came and dug up the entire potato field.
______5.  The farmer was smart.

B.  Answer the questions below. 
1.  Who is the "prisoner‟?
2.  When was the potato farmer sent to prison?
3.  Would his wife be strong enough to do the digging?
4.  Was she strong enough to do the planting?
5.  How were their friends and neighbours?
6.  What did the farmer say in his letter to his wife?
7.  When did the farmer get a reply letter from his wife?
8.  Who actually dug the potato field for his wife?

Uploaded by Nifatul Aula, an English teacher of vocational high school in Bondowoso, Indonesia.

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