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Skripsi Gratis: Analysis on Students’ difficulties in Learning Modal Auxiliaries ‘Can’ and ‘Could’

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of english textbook english on SKY 2 Esed  

Judul Skripsi: Analysis on Students’ difficulties in Learning Modal Auxiliaries ‘Can’ and ‘Could’ (A case Study At the Second Year Students of Mts Muhammadiyah 1 Ciputat)English Departement Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta.
Research Design/Method: descriptive analysis technique
Research Instrument: test and interview

The study is aimed to know the problem faced by the second grade students of MTs Muhammadiyah 1 Ciputat in learning modal Auxiliary, the writer wants to give a description in learning modal Auxiliary especially in Can and Could, to make it easy for the students. The writer wants to know not only their reason in difficulties in using modal Auxiliaries but also the level of students’ comprehension in using modal Auxiliaries.

To collect data, the writer observes the second grade students of Mts Muhammadiyah 1 Ciputat by giving the test and interview the students who got low score. The writer uses a descriptive analysis technique with visiting the school to do research, the writer gives them the test about Modal Auxiliary in meaning, function and form.

After interviewing the students who have low score, the writer conclude that the students’ difficulties in learning modal auxiliaries were came from the internal factor, that most interviewee facing the difficulties caused by the interest, they do not attention to the teacher explanation, beside that the cause of difficulties are caused by their motivation in learning English subject.

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