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Short Functional Text Advertisement dan Jawaban

Short Functional Text Advertisement dan Jawaban

Happy Mart
Our Customers in Jakarta are welcome to enjoy
Our closing down sale on June 29,2013
50% off for all items
Please be noted that Happy Mart at Senayan Plaza Mall
Will cease its operation on June 30,2013 and
At Shangri-La Mall on August 31, 2013.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us at +622188888667677
Toll-free + 6221767679769 in West Jakarta only
Or send email to Happy Mart@ymail.com

1. If customers in West Jakarta have a question, they should contact a toll-free at . . . .
A. Shangri-La Mall
B. Senayan Plaza Mall
C. + 62(21)7676979769 
D. +62(21)88888667677
E. Happy Mart@ymail.com

2. From the text we know that . . . .
A. Happy Mart will be sold 50 % of the normal price
B. Happy Mart are selling all its items on June 28, 2013
C. Happy Mart at Senayan Plaza will close down on June 29, 2013
D. Happy Mart at Shangri-La Mall will close down before the one in Senayan Plaza
E. Happy Mart will have a big sale one day before the closing date at Senayan Plaza Mall

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