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Recount Text Bibliography dan jawaban -Cristiano Ronaldo

Recount Text Bibliography dan jawaban -Cristiano Ronaldo

Soal UN SMA 2014

The text is for questions 8 to 10.
Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Manchester United paid £12 million to sign him in 2003 - a record fee for a player of his age. In the 2004 FA Cup Final, he scored Manchester's first three goals and helped them capture the championship. In 2008, he set a franchise record for goals scored. In 2009, Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his service.
It was through his dad's work as an equipment manager at a boy's club that Ronaldo was first introduced to the game of soccer. By the time he was 10 years old, he was already recognized as a phenomenon - a kid who ate, slept and drank the game. "All he wanted to do as a boy was playing football," his godfather, Fernao Sousa, recalled for British reporters, adding, "He loved the game so much that he'd miss meals or escape out his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework."
By his early teens, Ronaldo's talent and legend had grown considerably. After a stint with Nacional da liha da Madeira, he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001. That same year, at the tender age of 16, Ronaldo turned heads with a impressing performance against Manchester United, wowing even his opponents with his footwork and deft skill. He made such an impression that a number of United players asked their manager to try and sign the young player. It wasn't long before the club paid Ronaldo's team more than £12 million for his services - a record fee for a player of his age.
8. What was Ronaldo action for MU in year 2004?
A.     Signed new contract
B.     Scored goals to Real Madrid
C.     Won FA Cup Championship
D.     Got payment of $131 million for his service
E.      Paid $12 million

9. We can learn from paragraph 2 that...
A.       Ronaldo was a talented football player
B.        Ronaldo was a very energetic football player
C.        Ronaldo gained his success by his early teens
D.       Ronaldo was a legendary young football player
E.        Ronaldo became the youngest player in Manchester

10. “After a stint with Nacional da liha da Madeira, he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001.” (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word can be replaced by...
A.     Participated
B.     Went
C.     Followed
D.     Joined
E.      Wrote           

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