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Recount Text Beserta Soal dan Jawaban - Neymar

Recount Text Beserta Soal dan Jawaban - Neymar

Soal UN SMA/MA 2014

The following text is for questions 1 to 3
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior born 5 February 1992, commonly known as Neymar, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, as forward or winger.

At the age of 19, Neymar Jr won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award, after coming third in 2010. He followed this up by winning it again in 2012. In 2012 Neymar received nominations for the FIFA Ballon d’or, where he came 10th, and the FIFA Puskas Award, which he won. He is known for his acceleration, speed, dribbling, finishing and ability with both feet. His playing style has earned him critical acclaim, with fans, media and former players drawing comparison to former Brazil player Pele, who has called Neymar “an excellent player”.

Neymar joined Santos 2003 and after through the ranks, he was promoted to their first team squad. He made his debut for Santos in 2009 and was voted the Best Young Player of the 2009 Campeonato Paulista. Further honours followed, with Neymar being voted best player as Santos won the 2010 Campeonato Paulista, and also being top score in the 2010 Copa de Brasil with 11 goals. He finished the 2010 season with 42 goals in 60 games as his club achieved the Double. Neymar was again voted best player of the year in 2011 as his retained the state title and Santos also winning the 2011 Copa Libertadores in which Neymar scored 6 goals in 13 appearances. He also playeda key role in securing a continental Double for his team, Santos’ first since 1963. He received the Bronze Ball in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup, with Santos making it to the final, where they were defeated 4-0 by Barcelona.

1. What happened to Neymar in 2011?
A. He made his first debut
B. He moved to FC Barcelona
C. He received the FIFA Puskas Award
D. He scored 6 goals in 13 appearances
E. He helped Brazil to win their 11th title

2. The main idea of paragraph 3 is...
A. Neymar played for Santos
B. Neymar joined Santos
C. Neymar played the best
D. Neymar received awards
E. Neymar scored many goals

3. “...who has called Neymar an excellent player” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ...
A. Confident
B. Fantastic
C. Magnificent
D. Skillful
E. Generous
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

2 komentar untuk "Recount Text Beserta Soal dan Jawaban - Neymar"

  1. Nomor 3 harusnya magnificent, fantastic itu yg mendekati artinya unreal

    1. Halo kk, mohon maaf baru kami sempat balas. Ke dua kata `magnificent` dan `fantastic` sama2 memiliki makna `sangat baik`. Kami juga sudah cek penggunaan ke 2 kata ini, yg mana lebih sering digunakan untuk menggambarkan football player. Yang kami dapatkan ke dua-duanya sering digunakan walau condong lebih banyak jumlah kata `fantastic` yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan football player. But again, ke 2 2nya sama2 digunakan umum. Olehnya, bagi kami ke 2 jawaban ini sebenarnya bisa dibenarkan.