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Contoh teks procedure dan pembahasan jawaban: Candles

Berikut kami berikan salah satu jenis teks, procedure text, beserta soal dan pembahasan kunci jawaban. Soal ini bersumber dari soal UN SMA/MA tahun 2019.

Glowing candles add the perfect romantic touch to your dinner table or holiday spread. Burning candles often drip wax, however, leaving ugly blotches on your table. Melted wax is not hot enough to damage your furniture, but the color can leave a stain on light-colored wood, so it's best to remove the candle wax as soon as possible. If you act carefully, you can remove the wax without scratching or gouging the table.

Things You Will Need:
Blow dryer
White cloth
White vinegar
Furniture polish

Test the vinegar solution in an inconspicuous spot underneath the table before wiping the surface of the wood.

Never leave burning candles unattended.

  • Soften dried wax with a blow dryer on medium heat. Keep the blow dryer 3 to 4 Inches away from the table.
  • Blot up the softened wax with a soft, white cloth.
  • Mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar into 1 cup of water.
  • Dip the cloth into the vinegar mixture, and wipe away any leftover wax.
Clean your table with furniture polish to restore the shine.

(source: http//homeguides.sfgate.com/remove-candle-wax-wooden-table-79423.html)

1. What is the objective of the text?
A. To inform the readers of the function of wax.
B. To describe stages of cleaning candle wax drip.
C. To tell the readers how to minimize candle wax drip.
D. To guide the readers in softening hard candle wax drip.
E. To explain types of furniture that can be damaged by candle wax.

Pembahasan jawaban nomor 1
Text di atas merupakan jenis teks procedure, yang berarti fokus dalam memberikan langkah-langkah dalam mengerjakan suatu hal, dalam konteks ini langkah2 membersihkan sisa noda/tetesan lilin. 

2. How does the text benefit the reader?
A. It increases the reader’s awareness of protecting their furniture.
B. It provides essential information on tools to wipe candle wax spills.
C. It encourages the readers to collect more furniture.
D. It gives readers guided ways to remove candle wax spills.
E. It informs the reader’s important items at home.

Pembahasan jawaban nomor 2
Sebagai teks procedure, bacaan di atas tentunya memberikan langkah-langkah (guided ways) dalam menghilangkan tetesan/noda lilin. 

3. What should be completed after dipping the cloth into the vinegar mixture?
A. Keeping the blow dryer 3 to 4 inches away from the table.
B. Softening dried wax with a blow dryer on medium heat.
C. Blotting up the softened wax with a soft cloth.
D. Never leave burning candles unattended.
E. Wiping away any leftover wax.

Pembahasan jawaban nomor 3
Di akhir step disebutkan 'Dip the cloth into the vinegar mixture, and wipe away any leftover wax'. 

4. “Candle wax spills can be pretty scary, especially if it occurs on your furniture. If you don’t do the steps orderly, your effort may not give ... good result.”
A. a
B. this
C. the
D. these
E. those

Pembahasan jawaban nomor 4
Untuk jawaban nomor 4 ini lebih ke pemahamn grammar dan juga ke makna kalimat: `give a good result` (memberikan sebuah hasil yg baik).

Daftar vocabularies

  • glowing candles: lilin yang menyala
  • romantic touch: sentuhan yang romantis
  • ugly blotches: noda jelek/kotor
  • melted wax: lilin yang meleleh
  • a stain on light-colored wood: sebuah noda di kayu yang berwarna terang
  • scratching or gouging the table: menggores atau mencongkel meja
  • bow dryer: pengering rambut
  • vinegar solution: larutan cuka
  • dip: celupkan

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