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Answer Key for TOEFL Exercise 1-3

  1. A. He would like some coffee.
    B. He wants to stop drinking coffee.
    C. A drink seems like a good idea.
    D. He needs to drink something to stop his coughing.

  2. A. She would prefer a sunny day.
    B. The park is too crowded.
    C. She would like a place that is not so loud.
    D. She cannot walk because she is too old.
  3. A. He should open an account.
    B. He should take a ride on a ship.
    C. He should try to keep the cost cheap.
    D. He should try something monotonous to get tosleep.
  4. A. The department is not changing the requirements.
    B. He hasn’t heard anything about the change.
    C. The changes are available.
    D. What has happened is incredible to him.
  5. A. The wait has taken close to an hour.
    B. They were stranded in their car.
    C. Most of the people have been in line for hours.
    D. They made a line in the sand.
  6. A. The instructor is selecting several passages.
    B. The conductor is fair to the passengers.
    C. The stamp collector is conducting his business.
    D. The riders are paying for the train trip.
  7. A. The managers will take the train to the program.
    B. A program to develop new managers will commence soon.
    C. The new management program is very weak.
    D. The program will be maintained to the letter.
  8. A. The fire started to attack the building.
    B. The firefighter stared at the attacker.
    C. The fire probably began at the top of the building.
    D. The firefighter started to attack the fire.
  9. A. He assured the woman that he knew the truth.
    B. He is sure that it isn’t new.
    C. He thought that the woman was aware of what happened.
    D. He soon will know the truth.
  10. A. The art professor is not one of his fans.
    B. His drawings were amazing.
    C. The catches that he made were fantastic.
    D. The sketches showed a fantasy world.

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