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Answer Key for Contoh TOEFL Reading 5 (PBT)

1. The paragraph preceding this passage most likely discusses
a. how literature influence the population
b. religious and moral literature 
c. literature supporting the cause of the American Revolution
d. what made Thomas Paine's literature successful

2. The word "fervor" in line 2 is closest in meaning to
a. war
b. anxiety
c. spirit 
d. action

3. The word "time" in line 3 could best be replaced by
a. hour
b. period 
c. appointment
d. duration

4. It is implied in the passage that
a. some writers in the American colonies supported England during the Revolution 
b. Franklin and Paine were the only writers to influence the Revolution
c. because Thomas Paine was an Englishman, he supported England against the colonies
d. authors who supported England did not remain in the colonies during the Revolution

5. The pronoun "he" in line 8 refers to
a. Thomas Paine
b. Ben Franklin 
c. Ben Franklin's brother
d. Poor Richard

6. The expression "point of view" in line 9 could best be replaced by
a. perspective 
b. sight
c. circumstance
d. trait

7. According to the passage, the tone of Poor Richard's Almanac is
a. pragmatic 
b. erudite
c. theoretical
d. scholarly

8. The word "desperate" in line 16 could best be replaced by
a. unending
b. hopeless 
c. strategic
d. combative

9. Where in the passage does the author describe Thomas Paine's style of writing?
a. lines 4-6
b. lines 8-9
c. lines 14-15
d. lines 18-20 

10. The purpose of the passage is to
a. discuss American literature in the first half of the eighteen century
b. give biographical data on two American writers
c. explain which authors supported the Revolution
d. describe the literary influence during revolutionary America 

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