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Answer Key for Contoh TOEFL Reading 2 (PBT)

1. The paragraph preceding this passage most likely discusses
A. A survey of eighteenth-century art
B. a different American artist
C. Whistler’s other famous paintings
D. European artists

2. Which of the following best describes the information in the passage?
A. Several artists are presented
B. One artist’s life and works are described
C. Various paintings are contrasted
D. Whistler’s family life is outlined.

3. Whistler is considered an American artist because
A. he was born in America
B. he spent most of his life in Americat
C. he served in the U.S. military
D. he created most of his famous art in America

4. The world “majority” in line 2 is closest in meaning to
A. seniority
B. maturity
C. large pices
D. high percentage

5. It is implied in the passage that Whistler’s family was
A. unable to find any work at all in Rusia
B. highly supportive of his desire to pursue art
C. working class
D. military

6. The word “objections” in line 7 is closest in meaning to
A. protests
B. goals
C. agreements
D. battles

7. In line 8, the “etchings” are
A. a type of painting
B. the same as a lithograph
C. an art form introduced by Whistler
D. an art form involving engraving

8. The word “asymmetrical” in line 11 is closest in meaning to
A. proportionate
B. uneven
C. balanced
D. lyrical

9. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passsage?
A. Whistler work with a variety of art forms.
B. Whistler’s Mother is not the official name of his painting.
C. Whistler is best known for his etchings.
D. Whistler’s Mother is painted in somber tones.

10. where in the passage does the author mention the types of artwork that Whistler was involved in?
A. Lines 1-3
B. Lines 4-5
C. Lines 6-7
D. Lines 8-10

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