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Latihan Review STRUCTURE / TOEFL skill 1-8

Setelah mempelajari 8 skill sebelumnya
Skill 5: Perhatikan penggunaan dan posisi Past Participle
Skill 6: Gunakan kata penghubung coordinate connector dengan betul

kini saatya mereview akan kemampuan pembaca terkait ke 8 skill di atas.

Latihan Review STRUCTURE / TOEFL skill 1-8

1. The three basic chords in __________ the tonic, the dominant, and the subdominant. 
(A) functional harmony 
(B) functional harmony is 
(C) functional harmony are 
(D) functional harmony they are 

2. __________ Hale Telescope, at the Palomar Observatory in southern California, scientists can photograph objects several billion light years away. 
(A) The 
(B) With the 
(C) They use the 
(D) It is the

3. Without the proper card installed inside the computer, __________ impossible to run a graphics program. 
(A) is definitely 
(B) because of 
(C) it is 
(D) is 

4. The charter for the Louisiana lottery was coming up for renewal, __________ spared no expense in the fight to win renewal. 
(A) the lottery committee 
(B) so the lottery committee and 
(C) so the lottery committee 
(D) the lottery committee made

5. While in reality Alpha Centauri is a triple star, __________ to the naked eye to be a single star. 
(A) it appears 
(B) but it appears 
(C) appears 
(D) despite it 

6. The Sun's gravity severely distorted the path of the comet __________ entered its wildly erratic orbit around Jupiter. 
(A) it 
(B) when 
(C) after the comet came into it 
(D) once the comet 

7. Each object __________ Jupiter's magnetic field is deluged with electrical charges. 
(A) enters 
(B) it enters 
(C) entering 
(D) enter 

8. As its name suggests, the Prairie Wetlands Resource Center __________ the protection of wetlands on the prairies of the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, and Nebraska. 
(A) it focuses 
(B) focuses on 
(C) focusing 
(D) to focus on 

9. One of the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world, __________ a six-foot wingspan and legs and talons roughly the size of a man's arms and legs. 
(A) so the harpy has 
(B) the harpy having 
(C) with the harpy having 
(D) the harpy has 

10. __________ creation of such a community was a desirable step, the requisite political upheaval had to be accepted. 
(A) Since the 
(B) The 
(C) Later, the 
(D) It was the

Pembahasan kunci jawaban

1. The three basic chords in __________ the tonic, the dominant, and the subdominant. 
(A) functional harmony [salah. kita butuh Verb]
(B) functional harmony is [salah. Subject nya bentuk jamak `chords`, jadi `is` tidak cocok]
(C) functional harmony are [benar. Kita kehilangan verb, dan `functional harmony` sebagai object dari preposition `in].
(D) functional harmony they are [salah. Ada `they` sehingga double subject. Kita tidak butuh subject lagi]

2. (A) The 
Pembahasan jawaban:
  • Verb sudah ada, jadi pilihan C dan D yang memiliki verb sudah pasti salah. Frasa `Hale Telescope` akan jadi object kalau kita memilih jawaban B karena ada preposition `with`, olehnya jawaban yang tepat ialah A. 

3. (C) it is 
Kehilangan subject & verb.

4. (C) so the lottery committee 
Ada dua Verb (was coming dan spared), olehnya butuh 1 connector. Clause ke dua kehilangan subject.

5. (B) but it appears 
Kehilangan subject dan verb untuk clause ke dua.

6. (D) once the comet 
Kehilangan connector karena ada dua verb (distorted dan entered), dan butuh 1 connector.

7. (C) entering 
Semua pilihan lain salah karena akan jadi `double verb`.

8. (B) focuses on 
Kehilangan verb untuk clause ke dua

9. (D) the harpy has 
Kehilangan subject dan verb.

______Appositive________, SV. 

10. (A) Since the 
Kehilangan Connector dan pelengkap subject untuk clause pertama.
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.