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Discussion Text + Jawaban: Male chauvinism

Soal UN SMA/MA 2011

The text is for numbers 28 to 32.

Male chauvinism (men's believe in male superiority) extends even into the area of automobile driving, it seems. They believe that they are far better drivers than women. Men consider women drivers incompetent, inattentive and even dangerous behind the wheel.

However, statistics prove that women are, in fact, safer drivers than men. For example, insurance rates for women are 20 percent than they are for men. Another proof is that more accidents are caused by male drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 than by any other groups. Also the greater percentage of accident involving death is caused by men. Although women are criticized for being too cautious, they are really just being safe drivers.

The reason for women driver's safer habits can perhaps be  found in the differing attitudes of sexes toward automobiles as a convenience, like a washing machine.

On the other hand, men regard the automobile as an extension of their egos. Using it as a weapon when they feel particularly aggressive or using it as a status symbol.

In all, women are safer drivers because of their attitude. Men can learn to become safe drivers if they adopt the attitude that an automobile is merely a convenience.

28. The text is about ….
A. Road accidents
B. Women attitude towards automobile
C. Male superiority in automobile driving
D. A comparison between men and women drivers
E. Statistics about the number of road accidents      

29. In term of car accidents, the statistics proves that car accidents caused by ….
A. men are higher than those of women
B. men are lower than that of women
C. men are as high as that of women
D. women are equal to that of men
E. women are the same as that of men

30. Which of the following you don’t agree with about men drivers?
A. They are safe and careful drivers.
B. They cause more accidents than women.
C. They consider themselves to be competent drivers.
D. They feel that using a car shows status of symbol.
E. They regard automobiles as an extension of their egos.

31. We can understand from the text that ….
A. men always criticize women for their bad driving attitude
B. women show their egos by aggressive driving
C. the statistic shows women drive the car carelessly
D. young women drivers get many accidents
E. men underestimate women

32. “Men consider women drivers incompetent, inattentive, and even dangerous behind the wheel. (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word means ….
A. Intent
B. Furious
C. Watchful
D. Careless
E. Indiscipline

Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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