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Contoh Teks Narrative The Necessity of Salt dan jawaban

The Necessity of Salt 

Once upon a time there was a king who had three daughters. Because they were good and beautiful he loved them all sincerely. He did not know which one he should appoint as queen.

As his birthday approached he summoned his daughters and said to them, "My dear children, I love all three of you sincerely, and for a long time have not known which one of you I should name to be the heir to my throne. But I have now decided that the one of you shall become queen who brings to me a birthday present that is most necessary in human life. Go and make your plans accordingly and with utmost diligence."

The old king's birthday arrived, and the two oldest daughters brought him presents that were very necessary, but at the same time extremely expensive. However, the youngest daughter brought him nothing more than a little pile of salt in a decorated container. When the king saw her present, he became very angry, and he drove his daughter out of the castle, forbidding her ever again to let herself be seen by him.

With deep sorrow the rejected daughter went out into the unknown world, comforted only by her faith in her own good sense. After walking a good while she came to an inn. There she found a female innkeeper who thoroughly understood cooking. She entered an apprenticeship with her and soon exceeded even the innkeeper in the art of cooking.

News spread far and wide of the excellent cook in this inn, and everyone who came this way and who still had a few kreuzers left in his pocket stopped to be served a roast or something even more elegant.

The king heard of the cook's reputation, and he hired her as court cook. Now it came to pass that the oldest princess was getting married, and the famous cook was assigned the preparation of the wedding feast, with no expenses to be spared.

Thus on the wedding day one elegant dish after the other was served until the table almost cracked. Everything was excellently prepared, and everyone praised the cook. Finally the king's favorite dish arrived. Quickly taking a spoon he tasted it. "This has not been salted!" he cried out angrily. "Have the cook brought before me!"

They quickly ran for the cook, who entered the hall undaunted.

"Why did you forget to salt my favorite dish, you careless girl?" snapped the king at her.

The cook answered, "You drove away your youngest daughter because she thought that salt was so necessary. Perhaps you can now see that your child was not so wrong."

When the king heard these words he recognized his daughter, begged her for forgiveness, asked her to be seated at his side, and accepted her once again as his dear child. Then the wedding became doubly joyful.

The king lived happily with his children for many years thereafter.

1. The text is about…
A. a princess who wanted to celebrate her birthday.
B. a king who became a famous cook.
C. a princess who proved that salt was so necessary.
D. a princess who finally got married with a famous cook.
E. A princess who droved his own father out of their castle.

2. Why did the King ask his daughters to bring him a birthday present that was the most necessary thing in human life?
A. To show that he was the most powerful man in the kingdom.
B. To see who loved him most.
C. To decide who would be his cook.
D. To decide who would marry with the prince.
E. To decide who would be the next queen 

3. Why did the King drive his youngest daughter out of his castle?
A. Because she wanted to become a cook.
B. Because he though that she did not respect him. 
C. Because the King did not want her got married with the Prince.
D. Because he wanted to prepare her to become the queen.
E. Because she did not want to give him any birthday gift.

4. Where did the King's daughter learn to cook?
A. In the castle.
B. In a villager's house.
C. In a famous restaurant.
D. In an inn. 
E. In a course.

5. Why did the King ask the famous cook to prepare the wedding fest?
A. Because the King knew that it was his daughter.
B. Because people believed that she was the best cook in the kingdom. 
C. Because she applied for the position of King's cook.
D. Because the King wanted to prove that salt was not so importance.
E. Because the King did not any other cook in the kingdom.

6. How did the King's daughter prove that salt is the most necessary thing in human live?
A. By giving the King a container of salt.
B. By telling the King that she is the famous cook.
C. By serving dishes cooked with much salt.
D. By serving very sweet dishes.
E. By serving dishes cooked without salt. 

7. The Indonesian equivalent of the word "cook" in paragraph 6 is …
A. memasak
B. juru masak 
C. dimasak
D. masakan
E. alat masak

8. The word "undaunted" in paragraph 8 is contradictory in meaning to …
A. curious
B. fearless
C. doubt
D. confused
E. afraid

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Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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