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Contoh Text Narrative dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Kiai Gede)

Contoh Text Narrative dan Pembahasan Jawaban (Kiai Gede)

Gambar Mesjid Kiai Gede
Gambar Mesjid Kiai Gede

Contoh Text Narrative dan Soal

The following text is for questions 1 to 4.

A long time ago, there lived an old man in the Penanggungan Mountain. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan. He had supernatural power. Kiai Gede Penanggungan had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Walangangin who was not married yet. Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter to have a husband. One day, a young handsome man came to his place. The name of the man was Jaka Pandelengan. He wanted to be Kiai Gede Penanggungan's student. Kiai Gede agreed to have Jaka as his student with one condition that he would marry her daughter. Jaka Pandelengan and Dewi Walangangin soon got married. Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught Jaka many things.

After several years, now it was time for the couple to live separately from Kiai Gede Penanggungan. They would move to another village. Kiai Gede gave some seeds of pari or paddy to the couple. He asked the couple to plant the seeds. He also warned the couple not to be arrogant when they were rich. He wanted the couple to help poor people. The couple started a new life. They planted the seed. Soon, the seeds grew and became a lot of rice. Now the couple became very rich. The poor neighbours came to the couple to ask for some pari seeds, but the couple refused to help them.

Kiai Gede heard about the couple's bad behavior. Soon he visited the couple. He met them when the couple was working in the field. Kiai Gede talked to the couple. He reminded the couple not to be arrogant, but the couple ignored him. They said nothing to Kiai Gede. Kiai Gede got very angry. Then he said, "You two are like temples. You do not listen to me". Right after he said those words, an incredible thing happened. Slowly, Jaka and Dewi turned into temples. Because the temples stood among the pari, people then named them as Pari Temples.
(Sumber Text dari soal UN SMP/MTS 2011)

1.      What did Jaka Pandelengan and his wife do to be rich?
A. Helped poor people.
B. Had a great power.
C. Planted pari seeds.
D. Built a temple.

2.      The couple becomes temples because ....
A. they were rich
B. Kiai Gede said so
C. Kiai Gede liked them
D. they were good people

3.      “... , an incredible thing happened."
The underlined word means ....
A. untouchable
B. unbelievable
C. common
D. usual

4.      What can we learn from the story?
A. We should live separately from our parents.
B. We have to listen to our parent's advice.
C. We have to prepare a good paddy field.
D. We should refuse other people's help.

Pembahasan Kunci Jawaban dari Text Narrative

1. Jawaban C.
Jawaban dapat ditemukan di kalimat: "They planted the seed. Soon, the seeds grew and became a lot of rice. Now the couple became very rich."

2. Jawaban B.
Kiai Gede mengatakan / mengutuk ke dua orang tersebut menjadi candi.

3. Jawaban B.
Kata incredible bersinonim dengan kata unbelievable.

4. Jawabam B.
Yang dapat dipelajari dari teks tersebut adalah kita harus mendengarkan orang tua kita, jika kita tidak patuh, akan terjadi hal yang buruk pada kita.

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