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Belajar Listening TOEFL 2

Skill 2: Pilihlah jawaban dengan synonym

Seringkali jawaban yang benar pada Listening Part A merupakan jawaban yang berisikan sinonim (persamaan kata yang mempunyai cara pengucapan berbeda) dengan kata-kata kunci dari percakapan.

On the recording, you hear:
(woman) Why is Barbara feeling so happy?
(man) she just started working in a real estate agency.
(narratator)  What does the man say about Barbara?

In your test book, you read:
(A) She always liked her work in real estate.
(B) She began a new job.
(C) She just bought some real estae.
(D) She bought a real estate agency.
Dalam percakpan: kata kunci started sinonim dengan began, dan kata kuci working bersinonim dengan job. Jadi, pilihan paling tepat yaitu jawaban (B).

Strategi menghadapi Listening Part A (skill 2): 
     1.       Ketika sedang mendengar baris ke dua dari percakapan, fokuslah pada kata-kata kunci pada baris tersebut.
2.       Jika melihat ada bentuk sinonim di pilihann dari kata kunci baris ke dua, kemunkinan besar itulah jawabannya.

Exercise: Exercise di bawah ini, kamu harus fokus pada baris ke dua, baca pertanyaannya, dan pilih jawaban terbaik. Garis bawahi baris ke dua dari percakapan dan temukan sinonim –sinonim nya di pilihan jawaban. Ingatlah bahwa kemungkinan jawaban yang benar berisi sinonim-sinonim dari baris ke dua percakapan.
(woman) Did you see the manager about the job in the bookstore?
(man) Yes, and I also had to fill out an application.
(narrator) What does the man mean?
(A) He got a job as bookstore manager.
(B) The bookstore was not accepting applications.
(C) He saw a book about how to apply for jobs.
(D) It was necessary to complete a form.
(man) We’re planning to leave for the trip at about 2:00.
(woman) Couldn’t we leave before noon?
(narrator) What does the woman ask?
(A) If they could leave at noon.
(B) If it is possible to go by 12:00.
(C) Why they can’t leave at noon.
(D) If they could leave the room.
(man) Was the concert well received?
(woman) The audience applauded for a long time after the performance.
(narrator) What does the woman say about the concert?
(A) The performance went on for a long time.
(B) There was applause throughout the performance.
(C) The people clapped on and on after the concert.
(D) The audience waited for a long time for the concert to begin.

TOEFL EXERCISE: Pada exercise ini dengarkanlah dengan seksama percakapan pendek beserta pertanyaan pada rekaman, dan pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat. Carilah sinonim-sinonim di pilihan jawaban terhadap kata-kata kunci pada baris ke dua percakapan .
Silahkan klik audio di samping untuk mendengarkan rekamannya. Tunggu beberapa saat untuk loading. Bisa di download (denganIDM).

1.     (A)     The final exam was harder than the others.
(B)     There were two exams rather than one.
(C)     He thought the exam would be easier.
(D)     The exam was not very difficult.

2.    (A)    He’s not feeling very well.
(B)    He’s rather sick of working.
(C)    He’s feeling better today than yesterday.
(D)    He’d really rather not answer the question.

3.     (A)     The company was founded about a year ago.
(B)     It was just established that he could go into business.
(C)     The family is well-established.
(D)     The business only lasted a year.

4.    (A)     He did not look at the right schedule.
(B)    The plane landed in the right place.
(C)    The plane arrived on time.
(D)    He had to wait for the plane to land.

5.    (A)    She’d rather go running.
(B)    She doesn’t want to go into the pool.
(C)    She’ll change clothes quickly and go swimming.
(D)    She needs a sweat suit to go running.

6.     (A)     The firefighters saved the homes for last.
(B)     A firefighter saved the hillside last night.
(C)     The homes on the hillside were burned.
(D)     The houses weren’t destroyed.

7.    (A)    There’s enough soup.
(B)    The spices are adequate.
(C)    She thinks the soup’s too salty.
(D)    The man should add more salt and pepper.

8.    (A)    He was lucky to receive a grant for his studies.
(B)    He used his fortune to pay his fees.
(C)    He is a scholar at a college with low fees.
(D)    He paid to get a scholarship.

9.    (A)    It profited from previous mistakes.
(B)    It earned a lot of money.
(C)    This was the last year that it would make a profit.
(D)    It was not so successful.

10.    (A)    Chuck’s bank account has too much money in it.
(B)    He thinks Chuck has the wrong kind of bank account.
(C)    He thinks that Chuck is on his way home from the bank.
(D)    There isn’t enough money in Chuck’s account.

Lihat kunci jawaban di sini.
Pelajari dulu skill 1 di sini

Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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