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Example of Narrative Text (The Girl and Her Bucket) + Questions

The Girl and Her Bucket

A young girl was going to market with a bucket of milk on her head. "With the gold that I get from the sale of this milk, I'll buy a red hen," she said. "The hen will lay eggs, they'll hatch and then I'll have many chicks to be raised. I'll feed them well and when they're grown, they will lay eggs. And those eggs will hatch and I will have more hens that will lay more eggs that will hatch into chicks.

I'll be rich and I'll wear fine clothes with emeralds and rubies from my collar to my toes and one day perhaps I shall visit the Queen. I shall bring her rare gifts from China. I'll enter the court with my arms full of treasure. When I bow low to the queen, I shall say, "For your majesty's pleasure!"

And she bowed low. With that sweep of her arm, she knocked off the bucket and spilled her fantasy load.

"Oh dear," she cried, "My dreams are splattered in puddles of milk on the road."

Vocabulary List:
-  bucket  = ember
-  sale  = penjualan
-  lay eggs  = bertelur
-  hatch  = menetas
-  raised  = diternakkan
-  feed  = memberi makan
-  emeralds  = zamrud
-  rubies  = merah delima
-  collar  = kerah baju
-  rare  = langka
-  treasure  = harta karun
-  bow  = membungkuk
-  spilled  = menumpahkan
-  splattered  = tercecer
-  puddles  = genangan, kubangan

A.  Circle T if the statement is True and F if it is False.
_____1.  A young girl was going to market to sell the milk.
_____2.  She would buy emeralds from the sale of the milk.
_____3.  The girl is from a rich family.
_____4.  The girl had a fantasy to be rich.
_____5.  The girl lost her dream as she spilled the milk.

B.  Answer the following questions based on the text above.
1.  Where did the girl put the bucket of milk on?
2.  Where was the girl going to?
3.  What did she want to get from the sale of the milk?
4.  Why did he want to be rich?
5.  Who would she visit if she was rich?
6.  What would she say when bowing to the Queen?
7.  What would she give to the Queen?
8.  How did she splatter her dream?

Created by Nifatul Aula, an English teacher of vocational high school in Bondowoso, Indonesia.

Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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